Distance or speed?

I’m working on my 5k. Once I get through that, do I go for my 10k or work on my pacing? Is one better than the other in terms of weight loss and getting fit?

Hi y’all

I’m not really back.

I don’t know maybe I am.

More importantly, I’m running again.

And boy are there some funny things out and about when I run. So i want to start a blog with pictures of funny running things.

What should I call it??

hi y’all.


one hour: try to finish that %$#@ quilt!!!

second hour: house sitting catch up, to include:

  • dishes
  • vacuum basement
  • check/water plants
  • clean litter box
  • fill bird feeders

"break" walk to get mail (about a mile walk, and half up a steep hill)

third hour: work (more) on the song I’m singing for Sissy’s wedding.

fourth hour: packing up my stuff, putting away stuff, Victoria’s Secret Model workout video, shower, call John (?), feed animals

BED! (I’m hoping for bed about 10:30 or so)

Get it!!

This is my puppy. You wish your dog was as cute as mine.

This is my puppy. You wish your dog was as cute as mine.

unmotivated to go to work tonight.

to do:

8:45-9:25 get ready for work- no shower this am, took one last night

9:25 leave for work, call Mom

9:45-2:30 work

2:30-3:00 drive

3:00 shopping with mommy- new shoes, new boots, new purse. yus.

4:30 home, snack

5:30 shower & get ready for opening!

8:00 opening night with John

To do this afternoon:

1:00 nap

2:15 clean bathroom

2:50 wipe down coffee table

2:55 run vacuum in studio

3:00 snack/comp check

3:30 shower and get ready

4:15 make dinner

4:45 leave for theatre

5:00-6:00 try to figure out that freaking show

6:00 rehearsal starts